Friday, May 11, 2007

Zagat does it again

By now you probably know that I am quite a fanatic about Urasawa. Yesterday, I went to see Spiderman 3 and I walked into Barns and Nobel as I waited for the movie. I picked up a Zagat survey 2007 and sought out Urasawa out of curiosity. It didnt even make it into the top 5 Japanese restaurants. It got 27 out of 30 for food, while Matsuhisa got a higher score as well as Sushi Nozawa (which I thought sucked altogether, as I blogged before). As fanatic as I am, guess how I must have felt then. What's wrong with these people?

One of America's top 50

Remember when I blogged that Urasawa and Spago were two of three restaurants from LA that got into the America's top 50 chart? The last one, now that I remember, is the providence. It's basically a high class seafood restaurant (I believe just opened?). The chef was the former chef at the Water Grill in Downtown. No wonder the food tasted a lot worse at the Water Grill last time I went there. I have not been there yet but it looks pretty good from what I've heard and saw on their website. Hiro also said this place is good. Better check it out.

Address: 5955 Melrose ave. LA, CA 90038 Phone (323) 460 4170

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shinsengumi Lunch

Shinsengumi ramen during lunch time sucks. The meny shrinks to one page. Basically, they only serve ramen (with much fewer topping choices), a few rice bowls, gyoza, and rice cakes. I went there today during lunch and they already sold out the rice cakes (supposedly real good), so I only had ramen and a gyoza. It was a disappointment. I would not go there during lunch again if I dont have to.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Restaurant Myth

I talked to the chef at Urasawa (Hiro Urasawa) and he told me about an interesting story. He said a few of his customers told him of a sushi restaurant in LA that is supposed to be super high class and expensive. They say the restaurant charges over 500 dollars a person. It's supposed to be a small place that is very exclusive. But he said, people hear about it but he have never actually met anyone who have gone to the place. So, I guess it's a myth then. Anyone know about this place? He also added that his restaurant is one of the 3 restaurants from LA that make it in the top 50 ranks in USA (the others are Spago and another one I cant remember). Then, he had two thumbs up and smiled.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shabu Shabu: Shinsengumi

Shinsengumi (remember the Ramen and Yakitori restaurants ?) also has a Shabu restaurant. I just found that out this past week from my friend. He said it's very good too. I will force my friend to take me this coming Tuesday and promise to blog about it.

Address: 1695 W. Artesia Blvd. Gardena Ca. 90247 (310) 532 0728

Ps My friend told me they also opened another ramen restaurant near the original one. It's supposed to be the same stuf though. I guess they are doing pretty good.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Shabu Shabu: Mizu

Another of my favorite place is on Sawtelle. It's called Mizu 212. It's on the same line up as Orris, on the corner of the street with parking in the back. They only have 2 to 3 tables. Most of their seats are counter seats. This place is more contemporary looking with contemporary music, usually Jazz. And their shabu is as good as the place looks. You can order beef or chicken or seafood or combination I think. They have 3 kinds of beef: beef, vintage, and wagyu. Their seafood isnt bad too (the salmon is fresh), so you might wanna try combination of beef with seafood if you are not a beef eater like me. The order comes with rice (white or brown) and vegetables. You can order side beef or chicken or others if you want. In doing the sause, they hide Thai chilli in the back too; so if you like spicy, go for it. On the menu, their ice cream is supposed to be award winning or something. Dont believe them, they are just normal ice cream.

2000 Sawtelle Blvd.West Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 478-8979

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shabu Shabu: still in little Tokyo

There's a prestige shabu place in little Tokyo too. It's called Kagaya (I think). Next to Sushi Gen (which is not that good of a sushi place). This restaurant has only about 5 to 6 tables with a few more counter seat. They will give you a course menu with appetizer (which is absolutely great) and deserts. You can choose for a variety of beef and seafood. You can beef quality from US prime to Wagyu to Miyazaki (?). The price increase respectively too. The prime cost about 40 bucks (including the set menu) but they only give you about 9 pieces of sliced beef. You are gonna have to order additional sides if you eat like me. The soup in this restaurant is great. They use soup not just water like other places. And the pot isnt too hot so the soup isnt boiling. This is good because when you dip the beef into the soup, you can actually make it medium-rare or how cook you like. This is the way shabu is supposed to be. Other places, the beef just curl up when it gets into boiling water. The sause is great too. It's dense; not like watery stuff other places serve. They also serve a variety of vegetables too. After the shabu, they will ask if you want them to cook rice or udon with the soup. I always choose udon, and its superb. Dont forget the desert because they also superb (this is unsual coming from a person who doesnt eat desserts). Do get the green tea moose. Oh, absolutely do not forget to order, raw beef. It's not on the menu but it's one of the best.

I would recommend reservations if you are going more than 4
418 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles213-617-1016